It took awhile to realise that our broody Isa Brown really meant business, so full credit to her for seeing it through, even after being removed from the nest for weeks at first, she’s done it! The only names I’ve had for her are completely wrong (..Ben; broody hen, and now.. Men; mother hen), so help us out with a name!

Who said Isa Browns were bad mothers..

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3 responses

  1. Great work Carey!

    Love the site and love the work you and crew are up to at Melton. This is the real stuff!!

    Best wishes for continuing success in your earth-healing endeavors

  2. Very warming photos. Remember the drama we had in the Ceres Chook Group – trying to get all 14 members to remember not to take the eggs from under the broody hen? You have got a great setup – all credit to you. Viv

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