The Chickens Have Landed

After working away through Christmas & New Year, the Mobile Chook Palace is built, and the hens have entered the building! Using portable electric net to keep predators out and chooks in, we move The Palace every other day, so there’s always fresh green pick and bugs for the hens to chow down. This also breaks the link in the poop-pathogen-cycle, deposits natural fertilizer at balanced concentrations, stimulating the pasture to bounce back, developing full roots and shoots (and bugs) in the lengthy recovery period, before the ladies arrive again. Crusing through the orchard takes advantage of fallen fruit, or in the paddock, fly larvae (protein!) in the cow poops. Hats off to the Salatins and other pioneering flock folk worldwide for redefining farm diversity and ecological productivity as we know it in the western world. I feel this is the beginning of a long learning curve..

See a few happy snaps and or slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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