Excitement Plus!

Pictured below is the first harvest, today, right then and there, of our much anticipated old school, heirloom maize variety “Kanga-maa”. Said to be one of the few strains remaining not yet contaminated by the rampant and unscrupulous spread of Genetically Modified Organisms (don’t blame the microbes, it’s not their fault). Whilst not every cob will be as full and lush as this one – and isn’t it a beauty! – we hope to now have enough seed, proven under local conditions, to grow a serious crop next season. Sown late October 2011, on the birthday of the most awesome Amanda, who grew the first batch in a tiny Yarraville plot!

We need the little white silica packs you may have lying around from supplement and or pharmaceutical pill packets; pills, nori sheets, biscuits, all manner of perishable items come packed with these moisture absorbing packs. They are non toxic, and can be safely dried, and used again and again. We need them for our seed storage, to keep moisture down. Please let us know if you can help!

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